My Activity Tracking


My target 310 kms

I’m clocking K’s for R U OK?

This July, I’m making a commitment to walk 10km every day and clock my K’s for R U OK?

I’m taking on the K’s for R U OK? challenge as I want to help remove the stigma around suicide by helping raise awareness, to stay connected, encourage everyone to talk, and create an environment where we're connected and protected from suicide.

Your support helps R U OK? to provide essential free resources to schools, workplaces, families, and communities across Australia, and empower them to start a conversation that could change the life of someone who's struggling.

Please support my efforts by donating, and together let's get everyone asking R U OK? starting conversations and changing lives!

My Updates

Day 31 = 10.2Ks

Sunday 1st Aug

 12,223 R U OK? steps. 

What a month, 435Ks and $1900 later!! Who’d have thought this big girl could walk that far in 31 days. Enormous thanks to everyone who got behind me and donated to this very worthy cause. Thank you legend’s 💛🌻😃

I signed up for Clocking Ks for R U OK? because I wanted to help remove the stigma that surrounds suicide and help raise awareness in how to approach the discussion and ask the question R U OK? After 3 local suicides in 4 weeks and seeing so many friends suffer the after effects, I decided pounding the pavement and raising awareness was the least I could do.  Throughout the month I learnt so much about mental health. The openness of the R U OK? community is truly heart warming. I learnt so much about myself that I wasn’t aware of, all thanks to this community and everything it stands for. If you ever, and I mean ever, need someone to talk to please don’t hesitate to reach out. Come walk and talk with me, or just talk. I am here! 

Day 30 = 14.3Ks

Friday 30th Jul

17,044 R U OK? steps. 

Day 30 was cranking along terrifically. I made it to work. Physio went well. I picked up my niece and nephew from school as a surprise, thoroughly enjoying excited squeals when they realised I was there and the gorgeous cuddles. Had a little me time and then off to hockey I went to umpired and then play. Just before half time in my game I’ve done my calf, how bad - who knows? I can still walk but every step hurts, but you know it’s not too great if I’m having a cup of hot tumeric chocolate at 11pm on a Friday night 😏 I’m sitting here typing while having a cry letting the pain out and the mental anguish of yet another bloody injury. Just when things seem to be on track, boom I get brought back down again. Tomorrow is a new day…I will deal with it then. 

Tonight I need to give a big shout out to Kerry for her donation, I’ve made it to the top 10 🥳 Fingers crossed I can stay there until the books close 🤞🏻 I’ll graciously accept a few more donations, you can never give enough to a great cause like this can you 🤩

Thank you enormously to everyone who has donated already, you are all amazing. Thank you, I truly appreciate you all 💛🌻😃

Day 29 = 11.3Ks

Thursday 29th Jul
 13,629 R U OK? steps. 

Another day of sinus issues, headache and coughing; so again no work or leaving the house. Just casual walking on the treadmill while watching the Olympics. But today’s big moment isn’t about the Ks, it’s about my weigh-in and for the first time in 20yrs I’m no longer obese (I started my journey as Obese Category III). Having lost so much weight and being in a much better state of mind is partially why I decided to participate in this challenge. I know full well the effects obesity has on our mental health and I wanted to walk to prove to others in the obese category that we can achieve great things and overcome the darkness we silently suffer in. So to be here on Day 29, having clocked over 400Ks and still be standing is a huge mental and physical achievement for me. I hope that in the past month not only have I encouraged everyone to ask R U OK but I also hope I’ve shown people that even when you think there’s no hope you can turn the page and write a new chapter with a much happier story. I’m living my best life and I hope you are taking the steps to be living your best life too. 

Day 28 = 10Ks

Wednesday 28th Jul

12,616 R U OK? steps. 

Today reminded me that we don’t know what’s happening behind closed doors. If I hadn’t posted about being sick yesterday no one would know, not even my family. I also noticed no one asked if I needed anything, and that’d be because everyone knows how stubbornly independent I am and wouldn’t accept help anyway. They are used to me just doing it on my own. It’s extremely rare that I ask for help, which is something that Ks for R U OK? has made me realise I need to work on. I live alone, how long would it take for someone to know something was seriously wrong with me if I want a social media addict or at hockey 5 days a week? This just emphasises the need to check on your mates and ask R U OK? 

As for today’s Ks, I slept/laid in bed until midday, and I never left the house all day. Let’s just roll with there’s nothing quite like a mini spring clean, a few 15min cross-trainers while doing the washing and finished the day off casually walking on the treadmill while watching the Olympics to get the steps up. 

Day 27 = 10.7Ks

Tuesday 27th Jul
12,573 R U OK? steps. 

Yesterday my throat was feeling slightly unusual, I put it down to such a full on weekend. Zero strength today so off to the GP, apparently my sinus infection hasn’t cleared up properly from last month. Explains why I haven’t been getting deep sleep and am always exhausted, my body isn’t recovery at night like it should. He told me to sleep the rest of the week away, and no exercise at all. Told him I’d sleep tomorrow but I have a commitment I’m sticking to, a sinus infection has never stopped me before and won’t stop me now. I’m disappointed to get this far and be told to rest when I’m so close, but my stubborn determination won’t allow me to not follow through with my commitment. So I came home and intermittently completed today’s 10Ks on the treadmill and cross-trainer. Tomorrow I might listen and utilise my excess Ks I’ve already accomplished, see how I feel. Others have it way worse than a sinus infection, if they can push through so too can I…. I’m committed to completing this challenge and I’m forever committed to asking R U OK? 

Am I OK, yerp. Mentally I’m good, it’s just an infection. How about you, R U OK? 

Day 26 = 17.1Ks

Monday 26th Jul
20,464 R U OK? steps. 

Today was a good day. Early 4.30am walk by myself to mentally prep for the week ahead, and yep it was freaking cold! My watch said it was -2 degrees, the weather app said it was 1 degree and felt like -1. Either way my hands were purple. Only real problem was my watch was too flat to register the walk (it said I was still sleeping), thankfully it’s my regular route so I know the distance. Work went fast, that’s always a great thing lol. After work I did a lap of Ululah by myself then visited family just to say hi. Then off to hockey to do the pre training walk with my regular 2 co-walkers. Followed by an hours hockey training. Then off home to meal prep for the week, eat, shower and bed. I’ll sleep well. 
I hope you all had a successful day and are all doing OK? I’m always here if anyone needs to talk 🙂

Day 25 = 13.6Ks

Sunday 25th Jul

16,578 R U OK? steps. 

What a weekend! So many meaningful conversations. So much to hear and listen to. So many people to ask R U OK? and give a hug to (some only virtual but still…). And to top it off I spent today with my sister and a friend wandering shopping centres, talking and just chilling. 44Ks covered since I left home Friday morning doing what I love, living life to the fullest and just being present. Hope you’ve all had a crackin weekend and are all ok. 

Day 25 = 13.6Ks

Sunday 25th Jul
16,578 R U OK? steps. 

What a weekend! So many meaningful conversations. So much to hear and listen to. So many people to ask R U OK? and give a hug to (some only virtual but still…). And to top it off I spent today with my sister and a friend wandering shopping centres looking for hockey banquet costumes and decorations, talking and just chilling. 44Ks covered since I left home Friday morning doing what I love, living life to the fullest and just being present. Hope you’ve all had a crackin weekend and are all ok.

Day 24 - 20.2Ks

Sunday 25th Jul
23,982 R U OK? steps. 

Saturday I had 9Ks done before I hopped into bed at 3.30am. I definitely danced the morning away and then my walk home secured the Ks. And then of course I played hockey in the afternoon which added several more Ks. I finished the day off by taking a friend out for some stress relief, she talked, I listened, then we ate and drank and danced a little. My weekend has been filled with friends, laughter, music, dancing and happy times. Hope your Sunday is kind and your smile is wide. 

Day 23 = 11.1Ks

Sunday 25th Jul
13,419 R U OK? steps. 

Friday had lots of conversations, about me, about them, about someone they know. Then we hugged and we laughed and the day went on. We were checking if each other were ok. And then I partied the night away at a friends 40th. I certainly checked she was ok the next day 😉

Day 22 = 11.8

Saturday 24th Jul
13,982 R U OK? steps. 

As they close the Qld border to the rest of the nation again, be sure to check on those who’s loved ones are interstate. Some people are used to it, some not so much. Am I ok? No I’m not! My kid is my best friend. She was supposed to be home next week, but Covid strikes again. So that hug I was desperately craving has been stolen once again. I don’t have a rock to lean on in my times of need. It’s just me, myself and I. You see the bright bubbley Jacky in public but today has been full of hidden tears at my desk. I need my baby girl, as much as she needs me. The day started with gorgeous colours in the sky but has ended with me feeling very blue. I haven’t reached my 10Ks today but I will by the time hockey has finished. I’ll update the post later… Don’t forget to check on your mates and ask R U OK?

Day 21 = 10.8Ks

Saturday 24th Jul
12,506 R U OK? steps. 

A work mate asked me today how I’m trekking with my 10Ks per day. I told her that  some days are a struggle depending on how my knees are, but I’ve managed to accomplish my commitment every day. I said that while some people go for a 10K jog in one hit I need to break it up over the entire day. I’m sharing the load on my knees the same way we need to share the load with our mental health (she loved the analogy). 
Then another colleague jumped in and said I’m doing it wrong and it should be done in one walk. The first lady I was talking to said - it doesn’t matter how Jacky reaches her 10Ks, what matters is that she’s spreading awareness. And if she needs to share the load on her knees over the day then that’s perfectly fine. Then another lady added - does it even really matter if she doesn’t do 10Ks, she’s raising funds and awareness. That’s what we should be focused on. 
It wasn’t meant to be a group discussion, it was one person asking me how I was going and then it ended up with 6 people talking about R U OK? and checking in on each other. I couldn’t contain the smile on my face. I might be annoying you by slamming my social media with yellow R U OK? posts but today I know that those posts are getting through. People are reading them and they are starting that vital conversation of asking R U OK? Tonight I go to bed as one very happy little Clocking Ks for R U OK? participant 🤩🌻💛

Day 20 = 11.4Ks

Tuesday 20th Jul

13,035 R U OK? steps to raise suicide awareness. 

Late check in tonight. Two days now I haven’t done my morning walk, it’s been too freakin cold to even get out of bed. Never mind get dressed and venture outside or downstairs to my gym. When my weather app says it “feels like” minus some thing, I’m not leaving my doona!! Not getting those first few Ks in of a morning makes the afternoon big. Especially on days like today when the knees won and very little walking was done during the day...less than 3Ks. When physio cancelled on me this afternoon I felt my shoulders slump and the little energy I had slid away, talk about mood change.  Not to be completely defeated I went home and set myself up for some home therapy on the knees. While sitting there I scrolled through the Clocking Ks for R U OK? page. Just reading everyone’s posts gave me the motivation to stop feeling sorry for myself, and to to get up and clock some Ks on the cross-trainer before a hockey meeting. When I got home I still had several Ks to go. It was a struggle, I’m sore and tired. But thanks to the encouragement I’ve been receiving from everyone and the inspiration from the Ks for R U OK? group (including two dear friends who are also doing the challenge), I made it over the line again.  Thanks everyone. Hope you are all doing ok and remembered to check in on a mate today. 

Day 19 = 13.1Ks

Monday 19th Jul
16,122 R U OK steps for suicide awareness. 

Mondayitis was strong today! Working from home from Wednesday last week was definitely good for the soul, but it made me not want to return to the office today. I had a couple of work colleagues check on me though, it was a great feeling to know they noticed my absence and change in personality last week (the message is getting out there💛). In an effort to keep my spirits high at work I went for a walk at morning tea and lunch. I had a little down time after work and then before hockey training I did a 3/4 lap of my usual track by myself, before doing my the full lap with my sister and and a good friend. Got back to hockey to discover there was only 4 of us, so training was cancelled. So it was off home for a hot shower and some home knee therapy and strengthening exercises instead. Overall the day was good. I walked by myself and cleared my head, then I walked and talked. Perfect way to end the first day of the working week, only 4 more to go. 
Hope your Monday was ok and you struck up an R U OK? conversation. You never know who might need to her those three little words. ARE YOU OK? Just throw it out there, but be prepared to listen. 

Day 18 = 10.8Ks

Sunday 18th Jul
13,256 R U OK steps for suicide awareness. 

Selfish Sunday strikes again, in a good self care way 🌻 The head is clear. Sleep is abundant. My smile is genuine. I’m ready for the week ahead. 
Today I had zero movement tracked until I went to lunch with my Mum and wandered through town a little bit. From there the steps slowly started adding up, I still had to finish the day on the cross-trainer though. Hope your Sunday was as relaxing and carefree as mine. Have a great week 💛

Remember to check in on those around you and ask R U OK?

Day 17 = 15.7Ks

Sunday 18th Jul

 19,256 R U OK steps for suicide awareness. 

So far I have walked 241Ks in 17 days, I’m not stopping when I reach 310Ks (as per the target chart). I committed to walk 10Ks per day and raise vital funding for suicide awareness, prevention, education, resources and support. So 10Ks per day for 31 days it is!! Any bets on how many Ks I will have walked come July 31st? 

I was having too much fun to post last night, so today will be a double hit. Yesterday was a normal Saturday spent mostly at hockey and then dancing the night away with great mates. Sport and music are my thing to clear my head. Time with great mates is also very precious. We all manage life in our own way, find your thing and hug it. Happy Sunday peeps. I’ll check in tonight with today’s R U OK Ks. 

Day 16 = 16.6Ks

Friday 16th Jul

18,435 R U OK steps for suicide awareness. 

Not sure how I managed that many Ks today?? Between work, physio and a pedicure, I barely moved until late this afternoon. Knowing my Ks were low I jumped on the cross-trainer before heading to hockey to play and then umpire (in the pouring rain). It’s surprising how quickly your steps can add up, but also how easily you can accomplish nothing in a day. Just like how easily our state of mind can rise and fall. When we find we are falling, we need to acknowledge it and reach out. If you notice someone is falling, you need to reach out to that person and ask R U OK? Together let's get everyone asking R U OK? Initiate conversations, remove the stigma surrounding suicide and start changing lives! Mental health matters. You matter!

Day 15 = 15.2Ks

Thursday 15th Jul
 18,739 R U OK steps for suicide awareness. 

After suffering chronic pain for several years, I finally got a referral to a pain management clinic a couple of months ago. Today I attended my first session. Chronic pain takes a huge toll on your mental health, while I’ve tried to educate myself, professional education is another level. I learned so much in one hour and am excited for the next session. I finished today’s session feeling excited for what’s to come. The pain will never leave, but I can learn to manage the pain and that in turn will inevitably benefit my mental health. There are many triggers for mental health problems, we don’t all fit in one bucket. We are all different, our reasons, our treatment, our survival methods. But we can all help each other by just being there for each other. Thank you again to everyone who checked on me today, I truly appreciate your care. 

I’m half way through this fundraising challenge. I’ve walked 208Ks in 15 days.  Please support my efforts by donating, and together let's get everyone asking R U OK? Initiate conversations, remove the stigma surrounding suicide and start changing lives!

Day 14 = 11.1Ks

Wednesday 14th Jul

13,426 R U OK steps for suicide awareness. 

Today was a better day, I managed to get back on the horse…sort of. Chronic pain truly can be a dead set mind fk! Working from home for the rest of the week so I can clear my head, treat my knee pain on demand and snooze in my breaks if needed. Put one foot in front of the other on the pavement after work with my mate Sam, was great to talk and walk; thanks chic. Needed a little cross-trainer session tonight to get me over the line seeing as I missed out on my morning tea and lunch walks, but I got there in the end. Thanks for all the love, support and check in’s today. Much appreciated 🥰💛

Day 13 - 10.8Ks

Tuesday 13th Jul
Today started out with me having a ME day. Focusing on my mental health and not the Ks I needed to accomplish. I basically moped the entire day away, went to my sports therapist and pretty much cried at every treatment, and then went to dinner where you wouldn’t know anything was up. Public appearances… At 7.30pm when I got home I had completed about 4Ks for the entire day. I was doing some housework quickly when I started thinking of why and who I’m doing this for. Next thing I know I put my big girl pants on, went downstairs to my gym and smashed out the Ks on the cross-trainer and treadmill. It’s Day 13…people suffer much worse for years. I can and will complete 10Ks per day for 31 days!! 

Day 12 = 14.8Ks

Monday 12th Jul

No write up today, simply not feeling it… 

Another 17,858 R U OK? steps towards suicide awareness. 

Day 11 = 11.5Ks

Sunday 11th Jul
Sunday my dear friend, the day I relax and stay in bed for as long as possible and do very minimal with the rest of my day. After a great night out of town with friends I came home this morning with intentions of going for a sleep, I didn’t want to go for a walk. I wanted to go to bed. Sunday is my selfish do nothing day. But seeing a couple of posts for lost loved ones today gave me the kick up the arse I needed to tie up my laces and clock some Ks, my walking hurt less than what others are going through! The afternoon was spent with a Sunday family dinner, cuddles with my furphew (fur nephew) and another fire pit. I’ve had to come home and finish most of today’s Ks on the cross-trainer, I absolutely did not want to do it but I had to do it for those who can’t. Stubborn determination and commitment to the cause wins again. Hope you all had a great Sunday. 

Another 13,037 R U OK? steps towards suicide awareness. 

Day # 10 = 11.4Ks

Sunday 11th Jul

A double lap of Ululah, some housework and a bit of fire pit dancing to clock up the Ks today. Incidentally I had a few mental health hugs along the way, unaware until after the fact when they said something. 

A simple reminder to me to always be kind. You never know what someone is going through or when they need a hug.

Another 14,368 R U OK? steps towards suicide awareness. 

Day # 9 = 20.6Ks

Saturday 10th Jul
Friday flashed by…I danced at my desk, I visited family, I had a little one on one time with my niece, I played hockey, I spoke with my baby girl and I danced at the pub with family and friends. But my highlight of the day was hugging a mate and letting her know I care and I’m there for her 💛. It was a gratifying end to another hectic week. 
You do matter. You are enough. People care 💛

Another 23,221 R U OK? steps towards suicide awareness. I can’t wait to pound the pavement and clock some more Ks in my singlet that arrived today/Friday. I feel very fortunate to be wearing it. There are many reasons behind the significance of this top. Be sure to ask R U OK?

Day # 8 = 14.4 Ks

Thursday 8th Jul
Today was great. I danced at my desk at work (I have a sit stand desk), went for three walks and played hockey. Music relaxes me and takes my worries away, hockey releases my frustrations. Talk about clearing your head. I hope you’ve all had a great day too. 

Thank you for all the  donations. 

16,684 R U OK? steps added to the cause. 

Day # 7 = 11.7Ks

Thursday 8th Jul
How are you all going today? Mentally I’m struggling with having yet another damn injury, but overall I’m ok! Physically my knees and calf survived the day. Not pushing it though, I’ve reached my 10K commitment and now I’m tapping out for the day and putting my legs up. And thank you all for the care and support. 

Thanks to my sister and friend Sam for helping me with the last 5000 steps and helping me reach 13,621 R U OK? steps to spread more suicide awareness. 

Day # 6 = 11.4ks

Tuesday 6th Jul

Today I’m hurting. I have been struggling with a hamstring tendon issue the past few weeks and today my opposite calf has started playing up; that’s on top of my chronic knee pain. My sports therapist advised no exercise, it needs to rest. So being the stubborn committed person I am I found a way to get my steps over the 10K line. Insert your imagination, a cross-trainer and a one legged person. I kind of felt like I was skiing, it definitely gave my arms a good work out. Where there’s a will there’s a way. I committed to this challenge and I will complete it, I will reach my 10K each day and continue to spread awareness as I go. 

Another 13,635 steps to of suicide awareness has been spread today… R U OK? 

Day # 5 = 13.1Ks

Monday 5th Jul

Today I managed a solo walk and a second lap with my sister and a friend. Hockey training was cancelled but I still managed to reach my 10K target. But I’ve had something playing on my mind most of the day. I decided to participate in Clocking Ks for R U OK? as a direct result of having too many friends effected by the suicide of their relatives and close mates. The after affects I see my friends going through, the unanswered questions they have, the heartache they brave everyday, their posts on social media and the comments/conversations they’ve shared; one thing for sure is that every one copes differently! 

I saw a post today that caught me off guard, it made me question my learnings and actions. While I talk about exercise and music being my “thing” that helps me pick myself up, for me to encourage others to get out in the sun and exercise is not wrong. I’m not saying exercise or music will cure suicide, depression or mental health. I’m not saying everyone has to do it. I’m saying it may help and if it helps just one person, then perhaps that one person can help another one person and the flow continues…. I can only share my experiences and this is what works for me. So I will continue to encourage exercise and music as possible tools. There’s no right or wrong, it’s finding what works for you. At the end of the day, I’m here to help raise awareness so whether you agree or disagree, we are still talking about suicide and bringing it out of the shadows one way or another. 

Find your thing, you are always enough 💛

Another 16,187 steps to help spread suicide awareness, please ask… R U OK? 

Day # 4 = 16.2Ks

Sunday 4th Jul

Got up determined to get shit done today. When I saw how beautiful it was outside I decided I wasn’t going to waste the day inside. I got some loads of washing out while I did the house work (with the music blaring) and then went for a walk to soak up as much sun and fresh air as I could. I intended on doing my regular 3km lap but decided to just keep wandering the streets. I ended up down town and took photos for some tourists, then decided I’d play tourist too lol. I visited Mary Poppins, and strolled through Queens Park and watched the steam train. After 10km and 2 hours of sunshine my mind is clear, I’m reenergised and I’m ready to take on whatever this week throws at me. Once again exercise and music have done their thing. And to top off a great day I enjoyed a Sunday dinner with the family. Another 20,000 steps to help spread suicide awareness and ask… R U OK? 

Day # 3 = 11.3Ks

Sunday 4th Jul
While I did meet my 10K target (just), today was not successful as far as I’m concerned. And absolutely nowhere near Day 1 or 2s efforts, which disappoints me. I didn’t get out of my PJs until lunch time. I forced myself to get up and dressed purely so I could tick today’s box; and then I returned to bed. My mind was not in it. I did it solely because I committed to doing it. It’s been raining here for three days. The wet weather is playing havoc with my injuries and arthritis and all I wanted to do was stay in bed and ignore everything I was feeling, some days I honestly wonder why I keep enduring this pain. But I made a commitment, a commitment to raise suicide awareness. No matter how much pain I’m in I WILL strive to accomplish that commitment! I want to ensure that those in need and feeling suicidal know there are people they can turn to. People do care. That those who care will sacrifice their own comfort to help those in need. So…while I physically walked the distance today, mentally I didn’t. I didn’t want to face today (hence not getting up until lunch time), but my stubborn commitment to those in need got me over the line. And that is perfectly fine! It’s absolutely ok for me to not be killing it. When you’re not kicking goals and you simply need an ear, reach out in your times of need. There are people who care and people who want to help you. It’s ok not to be ok.

Day # 2 = 20.1Ks

Friday 2nd Jul
I’m totally stoked tonight. My total Ks for the day has came to freaking 20Ks!!!!!! I thought I did great yesterday, but this. Just wow. Before committing to this amazing cause I was flat out reaching 5000 steps on an average day (without hockey). When I commit, it’s definitely 💯. And I’m very much committed to spreading suicide awareness and supporting those in need. So cheers to another 23,700 steps of checking if U R OK?.

Day # 1 = 15.6kms

Thursday 1st Jul
I’ve surprised myself with how easily I hit the 10Ks today. 25mins on the cross-trainer this morning, a walk down the street at morning tea and lunch, 15min walk on the treadmill before heading to hockey, an hour of hockey, and then a 10min walk on the treadmill before bed (for the knees). Hopefully I can continue with this much ease for the next 30 days. 

Two days to go…

Tuesday 29th Jun
I am so excited to be kicking off K’s for R U OK? in 2 days!!  🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️
I’ve challenged myself to clock 10K’s a day, every day, in July! That’s 310K’s in total!
I won’t be the fastest or go the furthest, but I'm doing my part to build a world where we are connected by getting out there, spreading awareness and removing the stigma that is associated with Suicide and Depression. And simply by checking in on mates!

If you’d like to help me support this great cause, click the link below. Massive THANK YOU to everyone who has already helped me reach my first target of $500. I’ve now doubled that to $1000. Let’s kick this goal together!!

7 days out…

Thursday 24th Jun
I’ve decided to increase my fundraising target from $500 to $1000. That’s just a mere $3.25 per kilometre each day, or 6 people’s take away coffee each day, or a KFC bucket each day.  Thank you to everyone who has already donated, I truly appreciate your support in bringing suicide and depression out of the shadows. Much love to all. 

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