Tackle the
with mates

Every K is easier when you have support

K’s for R U OK? is your opportunity to create new, or deepen existing, connections with your support network. 

You can definitely go solo, but we’re encouraging Australians to come together and start creating some great habits - exercising and strengthening connections with your friends and loved ones.
We also have a very sharing and caring Facebook Group who would love to see your daily updates.

Who will you recruit?

Been meaning to reconnect with a mate? Back in the office or still working virtually and want to connect with your colleagues? Know someone who’d be down for a bit of friendly but fun competition? Share the challenge with your mates, your workplace, your family, then set up your team page and commit to your team K’s.

It’s a true team effort.

On the days you can meet up, tackle the K’s together. On the days you can’t, clock the K’s in your own time and why not phone that person you’ve been meaning to call? Remember to track all your K’s on your dashboard and check in with your teammates to keep your team connected and consistent.

Have each other’s backs.

As a team, you’re there to provide words of encouragement, motivate each other to meet your goal every day, check in on your progress, and celebrate your successes together. We want you to deepen your connections an reach out to ask each other for support, as much as challenge each other.