Clock your
K's for R U OK?

with mates

Every K is easier when you have support

K’s for R U OK? is your opportunity to create new, or deepen existing, connections with your support network. 

You can definitely go solo, but we’re encouraging Australians to come together and start creating some great habits - exercising and strengthening connections with your friends and loved ones.

We also have a very sharing and caring Facebook Group who would love to see your daily updates.

Who will you recruit?

Been meaning to reconnect with a mate? Back in the office or still working remotely and want to connect with your colleagues? Know someone who’d be down for a bit of friendly competition? Share the challenge with your mates, your workplace, your family, then set up your team page and get clocking your team K’s.

It’s a true team effort.

On the days you can meet up, tackle the K’s together. On the days you can’t, clock the K’s in your own time and why not phone that person you’ve been meaning to call? Remember to track all your K’s on your dashboard and check in with your teammates to keep your team connected and consistent.

Have each other’s backs.

As a team, you’re there to provide words of encouragement, motivate each other to meet your goals, check in on your progress, and celebrate your successes together. We want you to deepen your connections and reach out to each other for support, as well as challenge each other.

Greg's K's

This will be Greg and Buster’s third K’s for R U OK? in a row. So we’re going to draw on their experience and enthusiasm to help inspire you!

“This journey and involvement I have with R U OK? has been life changing not just for me but for many other people that have been touched by suicide or mental health issues. I believe strongly in the work of R U OK?”

What initially drew you (and Buster) to K’s for R U OK?

I believe there is a major need to relieve the stigma surrounding mental health issues and start the all important conversations.

What does R U OK? mean to you?

R U OK? Means pretty much everything to me. I have become very passionate about the work that R U OK? does and the message and meaning behind it. It is a means to educate people on the warning signs and helps others recognise red flags in someone’s life that could be a cry for help.

What were your highlights of K’s for R U OK? 2022

I think the highlights have been the many conversations we have had with people on our walks and the many friends we have made through the K’s for R U OK? family. We have given and been given lots of support and encouragement along the way.

Why do you believe asking R U OK? can make a difference?

A simple question of R U OK? can save a life, this is how important I think this question is. It is a very powerful question when asked with meaning and sincerity and is hopefully the start of a deep and meaningful conversation .

What were the hardest parts for you?

Sometimes it was very difficult to motivate ourselves in the early morning hours when it was so cold. My own mental health some days was quite bad but then I reminded myself why I was doing this and it all became clear.

Do you have any tips for our participants Ks for R U OK? this year?

The biggest tip is encourage others to walk with you. Also, set yourself small goals to begin with and then when you are ready gradually step it up a bit. Walk different routes and take in the scenery. 

What are your fundraising tips for your fellow participants?

Spread the word and keep people updated with your progress. Don’t be too hard on yourself if the fundraising seems low.

You are definitely one of the star contributors in our Facebook Group – what are your favourite things about the group?

This group has become like a family to me, we can share all our own stories and troubles and be there for each other. These friendships have been forged in stone through mutual beliefs and goals and I feel blessed to be a part of it.