It’s not about how fast or far you can go. It’s about connection, consistency and conversations.

You choose the distance to tackle each day. You choose where, with who, and how you complete your K’s (run or jog, walk and talk, wheel or push). Just choose your goal and get out there every day in July. Every K you clock helps us create a more connected world. Join us this July for #ksforruok.

Your K's your way

Choose a distance that’s achievable – remember there are 31 days in July. You can do it alone, but we want you to deepen connections, so we’re asking you to reach out and share the challenge. Whether you pair up with your bestie or form a dream team, having someone else to motivate and support you makes all the difference.

Keep it consistent

You can connect to Strava or Fitbit, or log in your K’s manually every day to show your progress. We want to help you form a consistent, healthy habit, so we’ll support you every step of the way, every day. Check out our resources page for top tips to keep you on track, and your inbox for weekly inspiration. You can also join our Facebook group to connect with your fellow participants!

Build connections

K’s for R U OK? is an opportunity for you to connect with others and build good habits. Ask for support and share your progress with us (#ksforruok) and the world! You’re doing something epic. Be proud and share it out LOUD. Every step you take and every conversation you have brings us closer to a world where we’re connected and protected from suicide.

Faye's K's

We had many outstanding participants in 2021, and Faye stood out above everyone as she completely embodied all aspects of K’s for R U OK? Faye showed incredible dedication and consistency, started more conversations than we could count and, in the process, raised an incredible $5333. We’re so happy that she’s going to be joining us again this year and was kind enough to share some of her insights.

Faye taking part in K's for R U OK?

Why are you supporting R U OK?

Unfortunately, my partner of 4 years took his own life in April and I was looking for some way to heal my own grief while raising awareness for others going through a similar situation.

What were your highlights of K’s for R U OK? in 2021?

My highlights were the conversations I had with so many different people that joined me on my walks.  There were so many different talking points.

What were the hardest parts for you?

The hardest part was being consistent.  I set my km’s goal of 8kms each day and while that doesn’t sound much, every single day consistently was quite tough some days. 

Do you have any training/motivational tips for our participants in the July Ks for R U OK?

I would encourage you to get your friends and family to join you on the journey.

Can you remember how many different people you connected with over the month and how?

There must have been between 40-50 - I had a different friend or family member join me each day of the challenge on the walks and having conversations.  Some people even joined via zoom in lockdown or from overseas.

Faye Fundraising in K's for R U OK?

What impact do you hope your efforts have?

For people to reach out if they see a change in their friends and also for people to feel comfortable to ask for help when they need it. And, for more resources to be available for people to help them start a conversation.

Why do you believe asking R U OK? can make a difference?

Everyone needs support in their life regardless of whether their mental health is good or not.  Asking R U OK? can help people even if they don’t realise they need it.  Asking that question can keep demons at bay.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

I would encourage anyone who is even just thinking of giving this a go to do it.  The reward you will get from participating will far out weigh the challenges.  Connect with friends and family, raise awareness and ask R U Ok, it can save a life and change yours all at the same time. 

I know that everyone in our Facebook group loved following Faye’s journey. Every day she posted beautiful pictures, shared the conversation from her walks and was a real source of positivity and inspiration for us all. On behalf of everyone at R U OK? I’d like to say a massive thank you to Faye and encourage you to join our Facebook Group so that you can follow Faye’s K’s.