Clock the K’s
for R U OK?

It’s not about how fast or far you can go. It’s about connection, commitment and consistency.

You choose the distance you’ll cover daily. You choose where, with who, and how you complete your K’s (run or jog, walk and talk, wheel or push). You commit to your goal every day in July. And every K you log helps us create a more connected world. Join us this July for #ksforruok.

Your K's your way

Choose a distance that’s achievable – remember there are 31 days in July. You can do it alone, but we want you to deepen connections, so we’re asking you to reach out and share the challenge. Whether you pair up with your bestie or form a dream team, having someone else to motivate and support you makes all the difference.

Keep it consistent

You can connect to Strava or Fitbit, or log in your K’s manually every day to show your progress. We want to help you form a consistent, healthy habit, so we’ll support you every step of the way, every day. Check out our resources page for top tips to keep you on track, and your inbox for weekly inspiration. You can also join our Facebook group to connect with your fellow participants!

Build connections

K’s for R U OK? is an opportunity for you to connect with others and build good habits. Ask for support and share your progress with us (#ksforruok) and the world! You’re doing something epic. Be proud and share it out LOUD. Every step you take and every conversation you have brings us closer to a world where we’re connected and protected from suicide.

Karli’s K’s for R U OK?

“I connected with a lot of friends who said they wanted to learn how to get better at asking ‘are you ok?’. I got lots of texts from friends asking R U OK? and that was really supportive and motivating. I wanted my efforts to encourage others to feel comfortable to ask for help when they need it, and for more resources to be available for people to help them start a conversation.”

Karli kicked her 100km K’s for R U OK? goal last year and was our top fundraiser!