Kome On!

We're Clocking K’s for R U OK?

This July, we're making a commitment to run every day and clock our K’s for R U OK?  

We're taking on the K’s for R U OK? challenge to stay connected, develop good habits, and create a world where we're connected and protected from suicide.

Your support helps R U OK? to provide essential free resources to schools, workplaces, families, and communities across Australia, and empower them to start a conversation that could change the life of someone who's struggling.

Please support our efforts by donating, and together let's get everyone asking R U OK? starting conversations, and changing lives!

Thank you to our Sponsors


Shanelle Newton Clapham

Love your commitment to the cause Broosey


Alcun Hacker


Craig Paterson

Keep up the pace champ!


Libby Ellis



Run baby run!


Cyrus And Iman

You rock Bruce 👏🏻 Love Cyrus and Iman xx


Merle Newton

Keep up the good work. Well done to all



Yes mate! Keep ‘em coming!!


Craig Aldred


Christina Clapham

Well done you. Enjoying your photographic journey xx



Such an inspiration to watch -well done Bruce (and I am assuming Ryder as well).


Jodie Powell


Gerry Mckernan

Well done mate! Great effort.


Natasha Brack

Nice one Brucey!


Bruce Clapham


Memory Hatendi


The Measures

Go Brucey!! ❤️


Ussha Powell

Way to go Bruce!






Mamta Bhatt


Krista Mcelroy

Onya Bruce!