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My target 200 kms

I’m clocking K’s for R U OK?

G'day everyone,

In support of R U OK, I'm going to be smashing out some kms on my SUP and the V1. My goal is to crush 200km.

Hopefully I'm going to be able to help people start a conversation and discuss life, the good and the bad. We all get down, and that's totally OK, just remember you are not alone. 

This is a pretty good cause, any support you can offer, even a msg of motivation and a promise to check in on friends and family will mean the world to me. 

Keep safe, check in on your mates and remember it's totally fine to feel a bit down at times, but its not cool to not deal with it.

Keep strong and wish me luck 😃

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Let's go!!

Monday 27th Jun
200km might not sound like much to some, but on a SUP it's going to be a solid adventure for me over the next month! 

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Stellan And Éilis Chapman

Go Uncle Ben!



Great job you’re doing.



Keep on keep on brother! You got this easy as 🤙


Glenda Heferen

Good on ya Ben 😊


Ben Agar


James Adams