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I’m Clocking K’s for R U OK?

This July, I’m joining K’s for R U OK? to stay connected, develop healthy habits and help to create a world where we're connected and there’s a greater awareness of mental health.

Each week I'll be consistent in my clocking as I walk to help start more life-changing conversations. 

By donating to my page you are helping R U OK? provide free, essential resources to schools, workplaces, families, and communities across Australia. Giving them the tools and confidence to spot the signs and to start a conversation that could change the life of someone who's struggling. And you'll be putting a big smile on my face.

Thank you so much. 🫶🏻

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Day 31 — my progress

Monday 31st Jul
And that’s a wrap! Day 31 - My final counts for k’s for R U OK? — once again a big thank you for your support and donations this month. 🫶🏻

July k’s for R U OK? challenge

Sunday 30th Jul
This July has certainly been a journey! I’m very proud to say I have managed to walk 232km. My initial goal was 100km and I just kept upping it as I went. . . Unfortunately work gets in the way tomorrow so I won’t be getting out there for an official walk, but will do my best to get my steps up. Thank you so much everyone for your support in cheering me on this past month, as well as all that have donated — a big big thank you. With much love, and can’t wait for the next walk I have planned. - Clare xx 🫶🏻

Day 29 — Little Mulligans

Saturday 29th Jul
Day 29 brought me to a 5km loop around Little Mulligans Flat nature reserve - nice way to start the day. This is the hill we had climb initially to get up to the trail. My fitness tracker says it’s 24 stair equivalents or a 131m elevation gain. #ksforruok 🫶🏻

Week 4 — my progress

Thursday 27th Jul
— Steps since Friday 21 July to Thursday 27 July. (Another 55km — total of 212k’s). 🫶🏻

Day 27 — K’s for R U OK?

Thursday 27th Jul
So, it’s day 27 and I’ve cracked my 200km goal; I’m sitting at 212k’s this July!! So stoked I made it. Today took me on an early morning walk into Mulligan’s Flat from Forde — nice 5km walked. 🫶🏻 #ksforruok Edit: 11.7km’s — 14,461 steps for Day 27.

K’s for R U OK? — wildlife sightings

Sunday 23rd Jul
On my journey to reach 200km’s this July, I’ve been quite lucky with my wildlife sightings! My fav, the cute ‘lil echidna which I was lucky enough to spot two days in a row. #ksforruok 🫶🏻

Day 23 — my progress

Sunday 23rd Jul
Took it easy today and did a quick 4.24km around Yerrabi Pond with one of my besties. #ksforruok 🫶🏻 Edit: 9.7 km’s — 11,873 steps for Day 23.

Day 22 — morning and afternoon walks

Saturday 22nd Jul
So, day 22 has brought me two - 4km mini hikes through Mulligans Flat nature reserve from Throsby in the morning to Forde in the arvo! Many kangaroos were seen on my arvo walk, who were a ‘lil reluctant to move at times when it was my only way out. . . 😬 But I managed to convey I wasn’t a threat and they moved on. Amazing pic of mum & Bub attached — a little too close for my liking though. From the two walks I’ve done 15.4k’s — 19,647 steps and climbed an equivalent of 16 flights of stairs. Wow. I’m tired. That’s it for day 22 — 183 km’s so far for July! 🤩 #ksforruok 🫶🏻

Day 21 - k’s for R U OK?

Friday 21st Jul
I’ve been quite lucky these last couple of days in my echidna spotting on my walks! Loving nature’s surprises. Got a nice little video of this guy eating. 🤩 Well, todays adventures took me into Mulligan’s Flat again but from the back of Forde along the woodland and bird walks — where I found a nice 5km loop which included walking past the old woodshed. No kangaroos on the inside of this section which was a stark contrast to yesterdays hundreds at Little Mulligans nature reserve at the back of Bonner. #ksforruok 🫶🏻 Edit: 10.2 km’s — 12,419 steps for Day 21.

Week 3 — my progress

Thursday 20th Jul
— Steps since Friday 14 to Thursday 20 July. (Another 73km — total of 157k’s).

Day 20 — my progress

Thursday 20th Jul
So! I hit another milestone today, an accumulative 157km walked for k’s for R U OK? Let’s knock it up a notch to 200km’s. Eeeek! Anxiety! I hope I can make it. Today I did two walks, I walked to the hairdressers and did an afternoon hike. (Total of 7.4km together). Not too bad, and there was one steep hill. Looking forward to the next walk or hike. 🫶🏻 #ksforruok Edit: 11.4km’s — 13, 826 steps and 32 stair equivalents climbed for Day 20.

Day 18 — My k’s for R U OK? progress

Tuesday 18th Jul
Well, I don’t know what possessed me but I hiked up through and around the back of Bonner — 6.9km! My fitness tracker reckons I climbed 31 flights of stairs. . . Feeling rather tired and sore. Popped in to get a coffee as a break on the way home too. Whatever works hey?! 😂 #ksforruok Edit: 12.8 km’s — 15,744 steps for Day 18.

Day 17 — my progress

Monday 17th Jul
So, hit the pavement yesterday around Yerrabi Pond and carved out a nice 5.66km walk. Today I followed Ginninderry Creek along the back of my suburb and walked 4.33 km’s. 🫶🏻 #ksforruok Edit: 9.4kms — 11, 419 steps for Day 17

Day 15 — k’s for R U OK?

Saturday 15th Jul
So, major milestone reached today! After our nearly 4K morning walk, I’ve clocked 100km for k’s for R U OK? already on Day 15 of the challenge. Feeling very proud, and have upped my k’s to a revised goal of 150km. 🤩 Edit: 12.5km’s — 15, 653 steps for Day 15.

Mulligans Flat wetlands walk

Friday 14th Jul
We ventured into Mulligans Flat reserve for a morning walk around the wetlands, clocking up a nice 3k’s for R U OK? to start the day! 🫶🏻 Edit 9.8 k’s — 12,221 steps for Day 14

Week 2 - my progress

Thursday 13th Jul
— Steps since Friday 07 July to Thursday 13 July. (Another 42km — total of 84k’s).

Day 13 — Western Park, Yarralumla

Thursday 13th Jul
Today’s walking adventures took me to Western Park in Yarralumla where I walked the a little over 4km loop. Beautiful day for it too. 🫶🏻 #ksforruok Edit: 8.4k’s — 10,567 steps for Day 13.

My journey with k’s for — R U OK?

Wednesday 12th Jul
I’ve reached over 75% of my goal k’s. I’m sitting at 80km — walks + steps and it’s only day 12 of k’s for R U OK? challenge. Aim is 100km, hoping to exceed it soon. Wondering how far I can go??!

Day 12 — Bridge to bridge walk

Wednesday 12th Jul
I stepped out and did the bridge to bridge walk. A nice 5k for k’s for R U OK? Another beautiful day out there! 🫶🏻 Edit: 9.6 k’s — 11,433 steps for Day 12.

Day 11 - K’s for R U OK?

Tuesday 11th Jul
Today we did a 4km walk into Forde for lunch at Frankie’s. It was lovely out with the sun shining and no wind. 🫶🏻 Edit: 8k’s — 10,378 steps for Day 11.

Day 10 - k’s for R U OK?

Monday 10th Jul
Selection criteria today, so only a walk to the shops and back. Need to try to get out for a proper walk tomorrow. . . My ‘lil mate wasn’t into it today which made things hard. Clocked half my goal k’s so feeling proud despite a slow day 🫶🏻 Edit: 3.3 k’s — 4216 steps for Day 10

Quick Yerrabi Pond half loop

Sunday 9th Jul
Quick 2.94km around Yerrabi Pond half loop this afternoon to counteract time spent in the car. #ksforruok 🫶🏻 Edit: 6k’s — 7468 steps for Day 9.

Lake Alexandria — Mittagong

Saturday 8th Jul
Quick few laps around Lake Alexandria and a little bush walk loop to get the steps up whilst away visiting family. 🫶🏻 Edit: 5.9k’s — 7447 steps for Day 8

Zakharov Pond — Forde walk

Friday 7th Jul
Got out there in this freezing cold weather for a short lunch walk around Zakharov Pond in Forde after the drizzle. Just a short 2k’s. But it all counts. #ksforruok Stay warm! R U OK? 🫶🏻 Edit: 5.6k’s — 7302 steps for Day 7

Week 1 - My progress

Thursday 6th Jul
— Steps since Saturday 01 July to Thursday 06 July. (42km).

My journey with k’s for — R U OK?

Thursday 6th Jul
I’m committed to walking for k’s for R U OK? It’s starting off as a change in behaviour, is changing to a habit, and hopefully becomes second nature. Todays effort was a 4.90km walk through Forde stemming from the Yerrabi Pond half loop. Sitting at roughly over 11k steps. Woot! Feeling good 🫶🏻 Edit: 9.2k’s — 11,960 steps for Day 6.

A gentle reminder to myself — you got this!

Wednesday 5th Jul
While I’m hitting the pavement I’m trying to walk more mindfully to improve my mental space. Thanks for the reminder R U OK?, it’s exciting to see I’ve already logged over 25% of my goal km’s. Sitting at 34k’s. Woot!

Yerrabi Pond full loop

Wednesday 5th Jul
Did the Yerrabi Pond full loop this afternoon — 3.9km in 40min. 10k steps overall for the day. Feels good after being stuck indoors yesterday due to the rain. Planning another walk for tomorrow. 🫶🏻 Edit: 8.4k’s — 10,182 steps for Day 5

Yerrabi Circuit

Sunday 2nd Jul
So, hit the pavement with my ‘lil friend Tommy today. We did nearly 6km! Rock hiding, coffee #sylvie&bruno, and playground drumming all included! And a beautiful day 🫶🏻 
Edit: Total of 7.5k’s — 9581 steps for Day 2. 

Yerrabi Pond — Forde half loop

Saturday 1st Jul
Logged my first walk for k’s - R U OK? challenge. 4k’s done and dusted. Now to keep my steps up for the rest of the day 🫶🏻
Edit: Total of 9k’s — 11,247 steps for Day 1. 

Self care is important

Friday 23rd Jun

Challenge accepted!

Thursday 15th Jun
Hi all, thanks for visiting my R U OK fundraising page. I will start logging my kms (through my steps) as I challenge myself to walk 125,000 steps (100km) for mental health this July! 🫶🏻

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