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Friday 1st Jul
Last month I was tracking my regular kilometres. Without trying too hard I managed 199km. With a goal of 250. I should manage an extra 51 km this month… todays day one. I am already tired. 

Wasting No Time

Saturday 4th Jun
I’m happy to say that only a couple of days into June, I’ve already had my donations goal met thanks to some fantastic friends and my wonderful family. Thanks isn’t enough to show how appreciative I am. So hopefully they know and won’t get sick of me telling them. 

Getting A Kick Start

Thursday 2nd Jun
Within less than 24hrs after my Instagram post yesterday. I’ve already had some donations. It’s not even July. I can’t thank them enough. But thank you all he same. Only direction to go from here is onwards and upwards. 

Testing The Waters In June

Wednesday 1st Jun
In preparation for Ks for R U OK? in July, I will be tracking my Ks this June. With my initial goal being 200k, this is to gauge whether or not that is a goal I could reach normally and should move the goal post a little higher or it I will need to push myself a little harder next month to get there. 

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