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My target 50 kms

I’m clocking K’s for R U OK?

I’m taking on the K’s for R U OK? challenge to stay connected, develop healthy habits and help to create a world where we're connected and protected from suicide.

I'll be adding an extra 10km's to my target for every $100 donated, so get donating!

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Mt. Panorama

Saturday 9th Jul
A friendly reminder to check on your mate. Send them a text, give them a call. You never know how much it could change their day. There’s still plenty of time to donate, if you wish - our team has nearly hit our goal!

Whale Eye Kingdom

Saturday 25th Jun
Sophie interpreted the sign that points to the whale watch tower as “Whale Eye Kingdom”

+10km added

Friday 24th Jun
$200 target smashed. 10km added

+10km added

Friday 24th Jun
I’ve reached over $100, so I have increased my walking target by 10km. 

Only $25 more til I have to add an extra 10km!!

Thanks to those who have donated thus far, you’re supporting a great cause!

Watch me suffer 🤣

Friday 24th Jun
For every $100 (total) raised, I will add 10kms to my target. Also Jess will most likely have to walk those extra K’s too, so you’re basically getting a 2 for 1

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Micheal Evans



Very proud of you Dave .


Bernadette Brislane

Go Dave!!



On ya Dave. A great cause and a great effort.


David Evans