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Heyyyyy!!🥰! So. Have you ever struggled with your mental health? Full disclosure - I have too. A lot. And I’m ready to share more about my diagnoses and “real” life with anyone who’d like to chat - message me, we’re in this together :)

I’m challenging myself to 200ks this month which is about 7-8ks a day. In the depths of Canberra winter this is going to be 😬😬😬🥶🥶🥶But! All for a good cause. Mental health struggles are challenging, much more than a winter walk. Encourage me??? (Help 🤪)

This July, I’m joining K’s for R U OK? to stay connected, develop healthy habits and help to create a world where we're connected and protected from suicide.

Each week I'll be consistent in my clocking as I to help start more life-changing conversations. 

By donating to my page you are helping R U OK? provide free, essential resources to schools, workplaces, families, and communities across Australia. Giving them the tools and confidence to spot the signs and to start a conversation that could change the life of someone who's struggling. And you'll be putting a big smile on my face.

Thank you so much.

By inspiring people to take the time to ask “Are you OK?” and listen, we can help people struggling with life to feel connected long before they even think about suicide.

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We did it!

Monday 31st Jul
So I’m tired (hence only this blog post :p) and happy and this is my last post! I’m so thankful for this journey. And for everyone who came alongside me. Be something to someone and remember you are enough. X 

Day 29

Sunday 30th Jul
Steps look lower today as for the first time (amazingly) in the whole month my watch ran out of battery as I drove to Sydney so about 5k steps weren’t counted which is annoying!! Ah well. I did a massive 5 k walk in the morning up a bush mountain with a friend and yoga, and drove to Sydney and had dinner and met a friends and…can’t wait to walk at the coast tomorrow!

Day 28

Sunday 30th Jul
Despite this being the horriblest of all horrible weathers in the world of horrible weathers (thing 6 degrees all day with Grey skies cutting wind and icy sleet) I still managed a lot of steps with work and walking kids to school and going to a concert later that night, being buys does keep you up and out and there’s something to be said for that - buuuut also hoping I don’t catch pneumonia!

Day 27

Thursday 27th Jul
Omg you guys we made it! 200ks plus and $1000 for this awesome charity. Plus so many wonderful comments and over 30 supporters for our team. Just awesome. So happy. Sad that not many others have liked things but I know everyone is in a different place in their life. Still a few more days to make some steps happen and encourage a few more people :)

Day 26

Thursday 27th Jul
So excited I met my 200k goal today! And almost my $$$! Went for a nature walk at lunch and enjoyed the sunshine water and greenery even if it was just a small wetlands near my work. Will do it as much as I can. It’s been a hard few weeks in some ways but I’ve been so happy when I’ve been walking I just have to keep going

Day 25

Thursday 27th Jul
After a really really early morning taking Hayley to swimming at 6.30 for the first time (yep. Help.) actually ended up a tired but good day. Lots of steps at work no sctuwltbwalk today but just thankful for an active active job! And walking and jumping around the singing studio like a crazy teacher! :p 

Day 24

Tuesday 25th Jul
Thanks to almost reaching my my $1k target and the lovely amount of messages I’ve received my motivation is back up and I can’t wait to achieve this goal. I’ve really enjoyed being part of this challenge and it’s a inspired me to keep talking mental health where I can. Trying to do it in a way that’s not annoying still is on my mind but I’ll get there! Managed lots of steps today at work, walking tk school and out and about taking Hayley to gym. I managed to wake up for 6.30am squad swimming with Hayley for the first time exhausted now but it bodes well for esrly morning possibilities in future: thinking I might even try an early morning tomorrow in the bush…can I do it? Better go to bed!

Day 24

Tuesday 25th Jul
Monday was a much better Monday this week! Still tired by life but motivation up from the nature walk and continual steps, as well as almost reaching my $1k goal is amazing! Walking to school was great and I walked sk many steps at work. Exhausted but happy 

Day 23

Tuesday 25th Jul
Sunday was a little more positive, I got the kids to swimming and Hayley and eye test made guacamole and that was all before 2 when we had a birthday to attend to. I was sad still I hadn’t headed out to nature so as the sun was setting j said right, that’s it, and went! Puffer jacket and beanie out I went. It was amazing being with the kangaroos and having some breathing space . It’s encouraged me to try going out in the bush in the morning - we’ll see!  

Day 22

Tuesday 25th Jul
You can tell by my steps how much this day wiped me out! I managed to get the rabbit to the vet for a nail clip and that was it. I was done. I was so disappointed and depressed I missed an afternoon at the arboretum with family but I was so shaky. I know I shouldn’t be hard on myself but all week I had looked forward to Saturday, and it was beautiful weather too. Again, sleep hygiene I know is big for me. But it was still a fun night on the Friday so I’m not sure how much tk regret it! Life hey

Day 21

Tuesday 25th Jul
End of the week and managed to walk to school, and even arrange a nature walk and a play date after school with the kids (in the freezing freezing cold!) I went out with friends tk a restaurant and to see the Barbie movie and yes stayed up a little too late but also think the week smashed me a bit…

Day 20

Tuesday 25th Jul
Motivation still hard to push upwards and anxiety still high but managing to do lots of steps with the work I do and thankful for that. Walking to school helps do 3k steps so I know that for future! Had an awful sleep last night and paying for it today. Sleep hygiene is thrown about as a word but it really probably does help to get it sorted. Weekend coming up and hopeful for walks.

Day 19

Tuesday 25th Jul
Back to it, day 2 of term 2 felt better health wise but motivation wise this week was challenging. Getting out in nature was proving hard - but the step count is good especially with added school walks. Thankful that my headache was subsiding but the motivation to post and anxiety at annoying everyone was high!

Day 18

Tuesday 25th Jul
Okay admittedly a few days to catch up here but that’s how my mind works! Also started back at work this week, today was a hard hard day I had to go home with a headache and a break at lunch, managed to go back to work in the afternoon but definitely wasn’t the start to the work term j wanted. Still, managed to do some Ks merely by going about work and life and that was helpful! Rest was good. Found out how sleep impacts me so much more than ever this week!

Day 17

Monday 17th Jul
Feeling really deflated today, like it’s too hard and I’m too anxious putting myself out there. I don’t have anything amazing to say I just wanted to say j cared. That’s all. But it’s all too hard today. However I realise I actually walk more at work than I did all holidays haha so there’s that :)  thanks for all your aupport

Day 16

Monday 17th Jul
Back in canberra and the cold has hit but going shopping at the mall for 5 hours was a great way to walk, and then went to a park to make sure I got my last nature as well - worried it’ll be harder to come by this week but I’ll try. 

Day 15

Monday 17th Jul
Headed back to Canberra today, went to the beach in the afternoon for our last Sun on the sand and had big dreams of climbing more cliffs but on the sand we stayed. It was lovely still though and somehow managed to get 10k steps. My daughter knows she’s getting a new bedcover if she can reach 10k a day with me :)

Day 14

Monday 17th Jul
Not sure who’s reading these and I now have 4 days to fill as this is how my brain works (not consistently haha) but basically I thought the holidays would be easier to walk, but it’s been easier to get into nature, but with the kids not actually that many steps. Ah well it’s the season of life I’m in j guess. Still lovely memories! Took a long walk tk a cafe in the morning and back with the kids and went to the theatre in the afternoon :) A good day :)

Day 13

Friday 14th Jul
Sun! Sea! Smoothies! Missed cliff walking goals! Ha yeah big cliff walk plan fell through when kids apparently started having fun at the bottom of the cliff (how dare they) . Still in my mind i want to climb that cliff and STILL feel annoyed at myself for not pushing them and now annoyed that im not getting fit but im also very tired and need to sleep. There, see its not all shiny in real life, but it was amazing being in nature. Dreading going back to cold Canberra nature to be honest. I dont know if my idea of living in qld is possible but every winter i think about it. At least this winter I’ve got out more and enjoyed my puffer jacket. Anyway. Not sure i made 10k steps (not doing Ks sorry more steps but 10k steps is about 7ish ks of walking. And if i do that every day i should be good :) a challenge tho! Which is good otherwise why would i do this haha . Tomorrow im going to the theatre in the afternoon which is great but im going to try and get up early and walk to a cafe or something with the kids to get out early and back. Hmm. Might just walk from here

Day 12

Friday 14th Jul
The zoo!! Beautiful sun and ten degrees warmer was so sooooo welcome. I definitely suffer with some seasonal depression and it was just so lovely to have both family and sun together. I was happy to go to the zoo it was a lovely day (except for using all my money on food and the ice skating which turned out to be fibreglass not ice? What!) anyway that was good id actually felt good enough o not let that get to me much. There would have been a time i would have almost cried so hey. That’s positive! It was a little weird that i didn’t clock up that many steps but my feet were sooo sore at the end, but realised a lot of it is stop/start to look at the cute animals. But! I got to see cute animals! Including capybaras! Honestly if my desire to do is takes over enjoying life this has missed its point wow. I did do a few laps of the house at night to try and reach 10k but im pretty sure it was like 9800 steps hahahaha sigh

Day 11

Thursday 13th Jul
Plan was to drive to Sydney early in the morning and have a walk on arrival but, things never go to plan in my life  and we ended up driving super late at like 2 o clock - so i did an Emma thing and randomly swung into a river walk half way to Sydney. It was the best thing ever. The kids wanted to go on the playground but i encouraged them to the river and climbing trees running along the river and jumping across rocks was so much better. I still felt anxious the whole way that we didnt make the most of the day but life happens the way it happens and we were all safe and managed to walk a little bit and visit nature. Again. Just. So good. 

Day 10

Monday 10th Jul
Today could have been a very indoorsy one we spent some time having lunch with some family but I walked to the shops for some groceries and then went for a night walk later to get more groceries (does it ever end haha) for our trip to Sydney tomorrow. Am I excited about being a bit warmer? Yes. Yes I am haha. About to make 10k steps (will do a quick lap round the house whilst the curry cooks) so that’s great. Definitely thinking about it makes you move more and my head feels clearer and able to deal with things that are thrown at me, when usually change is a bit of an anxiety trigger. So that’s good! It’s making me hungrier haha but the cold does that too. Oh well :p happy and refreshed nevertheless :) bed time now big drive tomorrow will have to get steps in somewhere!

Day 9

Monday 10th Jul
After a lazier morning than usual (did I mention I went out the night before haha) I picked up my steps with a long walk at lake gininderra with my family’s doggies which was brave as it was cold. It so refreshing. Later that night sadly I had to visit my nephew in hospital (he’s doing ok) but that was actually a lot of steps walking from car parks and walking round the hospital..and down to emergency where I picked up our domino’s pizza for a hospital pizza party! Did I mention I’m not doing this for weight loss as that can be a trigger for so many, but just for a challenge to refresh the mind :) also spending time with family who need you is super refreshing. Recommend. :)

Day 8

Monday 10th Jul
I was tired!!!! So. So . Tired 😂 I got a nap in the afternoon which was amazing. It was the coldest bleakest  day ever!! And it was so nice to snuggle up and close my eyes (thanks husband for giving me that break), luckily I had planned to go out with a friend that night so managed to get some last minute steps in wandering the freezing cold city haha! All about balance? Annoying I was still walking at midnight but if course my watch ticked over and started again hahah. Guess it’s not really about when but that I’m still dedicated to the challenge. And yes it is still a challenge! Especially when that nap could have been extended. But catching up with friends is a must. So great for mental health too :) dancing is too and we did some of that! :p 

Day 7

Monday 10th Jul
Today was. Okay disclosure I’m writing this on the 10th because my brain did a “it’s too hard basket” the last few days so I’m trying to remember 😂😂 what! I told you sometimes I struggle! Least mostly in a good place but my brain runs away :p My Fb post says I did grocery shopping so I must have done that. There is also a picture of lemon curd. People might think I take photos to brag or something but mostly it’s so I don’t forget my life 😂 managed 10k steps still so I think I have it in my brain to keep moving even on slow days :) 

Day 6

Thursday 6th Jul
I spent the morning with my good friend who encouraged me onto this fab team and this journey, we went for a huge walk around our area and I dragged her to places she hadn’t been yet mwa ha ha including ducks and reeds and waterfalls and rocks, super fun, and of course there was coffee and green smoothies and muffins in the middle!  Even got out for a super chilly walk later in the city with the fam, was a big day in the end!!! Thankful for nice places to walk and..and my puffer jacket and beanie! Have had some really deep conversations with people I haven’t talked to in years lately. It’s been so good. I’ve started to not feel alone anymore :)

Day 5

Thursday 6th Jul
Today was an indoor type day! After smashing it for a few days I felt ok to spend an afternoon watching the Little Mermaid with my nieces and daughter, eating too much popcorn and lollies and going shopping - turns out walking round a mall can still rack up 8k steps! But not the 20k of a massive mountain. That’s okay :) life is to be lived and Ps good movie :p 

Day 4 - Independence Day!

Wednesday 5th Jul
Well. I wasn’t independent today I tell you, in the rain and the cold I needed to support to get out and I and my family by my side as we went for a little lake walk, umbrellas rain coats and all! And it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! The air smelt fresh abs my kids enjoyed hopping from puddle to puddle (their shoes are now drying haha) but there were weirdly no tears, although Fiji ads are looking more enticing today..,,! :p we are looking at being in the northern beaches with my parents next week. Today I am definitely excited about that haha but I was proud of us., and reached 10k steps (not the 20k of Sunday but that’s ok!) some days are up days and some are down. I have a feeling I have some down days to come but I have done some extras to make up for it. Only human!

Day 3! (The..3rd..of July) :p

Wednesday 5th Jul
A day where one walk wasn’t enough apparently!? Am I peaking too soon!? Probably but it’s getting addictive. Hearing your stories and when you reach out to me is addictive too! It’s so encouraging. The national arboretum is one of my favourite places in the world and I went with a best friend her kids and my kids and it was so refreshing. Also challenging when the kids didn’t listen to us and took shoes off and played in water but they know how to really “live”, so I let them. And we had hot chocolates. And climbed hills. And rolled down hills (well they did, as I said, kids really know how to live!) and then in the evening I went for a night walk which I wouldn’t usually do at night but it turned out to be still and the most beautiful moon was rising over lake burley griffin. A wintery but rewarding day

Day 2

Wednesday 5th Jul
6.30am they said. It’ll be amazing they said. Well, after waking up three times in the nights and sleeping in my gym gear (so uncomfortable but necessary!) I managed to wake up (for anyone who knows me this is crazy), pack my bag make a flask of coffee and head out to One Tree Hill a mountain walk about 20 minutes from my house. It was dark when I got there (pumping Ed shearan loudly on the way my friends commented haha)  and  so frosty at the bottom that our feet crunched on the ground . But as we climbed the hill dodging the frosty icy puddles and breathing out puffs of hot steamy air we looked up to see the beautiful orange sunrise over the icy fields, kangaroos hopping about in the morning mist and an exhilaration of being awake in the stillness of the morning I have never. Ever. Felt! It was amazing. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do it again but I’ll try! My two new friends and I although we don’t  know each other very well talked deep conversations about life and therapy and past trauma and marriage and kids and real conversation. Conversations people often struggle to have. The kind of conversations I crave. We made it to the top did some crazy instagram vids and laughed together, we’d made it, and it was beautiful (and tiring)! Climbing down in the rising Sun we smiled at families and fit couples on their morning runs, I hope they had those conversations too. We had more conversations over banana caramel muffins and steaming coffee at Daughters of Hall a lovely cafe at the bottom of the mountain. Also recommend this reward! We will do it again. Even if it’s just the coffee and muffin chat I hope you can find time to do that too. How are we all so busy. Apparently 6.30 is a thing.!? So. If that fits with your schedule go for it. For now I’m sleeping in tomorrow and will try again another day!

Day 1!

Saturday 1st Jul
Hello July. Hello world, so thankful for everyone who’s already messaged me words of support and even shared their struggles. It’s so encouraging to know I’m not alone and that there’s hope!

I kick started my Ks today with a wonderful walk with my kiddies. Right after an amazingly large almond croissant and coffee for energy obv. Mental health croissants are also a thing too right? 

Any donation big or small (literally $1 would be so cool) will be amazing to show support. And that you’re there.

Here’s a couple pics :)

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You go girl! So proud of what you’ve achieved ☺️


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So proud of you Emma for being raw and honest - and getting active in the cold Canberra winter!


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