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Thursday 28th Jul
Last strech guys! 
Over 121 kms done! 3 more days to go! 1kms and 2 8kms runs

Couldn't be prouder of everyone who has supported me just one last push to get me over the line lets go guys!

Also i've been at Splendour last couple of days so I walked for three days sorry but trench foot and 5kg gumboots are definetly a workout!!!!


Monday 11th Jul
Hey Everyone!
End of first week of Ks for R U OK! Already met my first goal of $1000 and couldn't be more proud of everyone that's supported me.
Through rain and sickness were now an extra 1km a day to celebrate week 1 and another 1km per day for raising our first $1000! 
Pumped for more! Thanks so much legends keep it up cos I sure will! <3 


Monday 27th Jun

Guys, i fucking hate running not going to lie,

But you know what I hate more?

My friends and family suffering,

Suffering because of the stigma of mental health,

Suffering because of the lack of support for those with mental illness,

Suffering thinking they’re alone in their struggle.

And we can do something about it,

My goal is to challenge people to empower themselves to start a conversation that could change the life of someone who's struggling.

To reach out, to check in and to speak up about the things that we’re struggling with.

So for the entire month of July, Every.Single.Day, I'll be committing to run, jog or walk (Crawling TBC) at least 3kms to show my support for people doing it tough and raise money for awareness and mental health.

Please support my efforts by donating, and together let's get everyone asking R U OK 💜💜💜


As an added bonus for those who donate, every $1000 Dollars I raise I’ll be committing to running an extra 1km a day! So, if you enjoy me being really fit and/or watching me suffer, the more you donate the more I’ll run!

For those who can’t donate or who just want to get more involved I would love for people to reach out and come with me on my journey. I want people to get involved so please reach out and offer to run with me and start a discussion about mental health!

Thinking of you all, with you every step of the way,


Thank you to my Sponsors


Jack Madew

Good speed you glorious bastard


Peter Michael Madew

Go Harry


King & Campbell Pty Ltd

Congratulations on your running efforts and supporting a valuable charity.


Family Peto-madew

Love you and your doing this Harry, love from your German family members xx


Jay R Mullins

Great job mate! Very proud, nice work!


Harriette Fisher


John And Philip

Second donation as got the first amount wrong. Am I ok? No. Well done.


Sophie Harwood


William Atkinson

Champion effort mate


Alice Madew


Trent Walsh


Simon & Aisha

Mate, love to see your advocacy and continued efforts toward such an important cause!


Lewis Mullins

Great stuff mate!


Alex Kowcz Rosinke

Half way through July, Congrats! Keep it up


Anthony Thorne

Well done Harry


David Tooby

Go Harry Great effort


Julian Jones

Good work Harry


James Lang

Love you long time, you're amazing dude :)


Harrison Madew



Run forest run!


Francis O’neill

Great work mate!


Bek Maxton

You got this Harry!!


Sasha B

Thank you for all your work



Keep running Harry!


Jye Rousell



Go Harry!




Charlotte Bradshaw


Emily Jessop


Marita Verlaan


Chris Boyd

Congrats on the huge effort mate! So proud of you, you’re doing good


Stephanie Knespal

You’re a gun!


Sarthak Wagle




Philip + John

Proud that you’re doing this, and for such a great cause. Bravo!! P&J x


Romilly Madew

Well done Harry


Angus Tolhurst


Steve Kipreotis

Great effort Harry!


Kim Wall


Jess Lasky

You go glen co co


Wendy Jamison

Good on you Harry. You never know who this may benefit.


Jenny Clark

Great effort!


Alexandra Catling

Great work!! Happy running 💕


Clare Manera


Declan Ingham

Good effort Harry!


Monique Querin

Luv u


Khyati Saxena

The last dollar to reach your goal!