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I’m Clocking K’s for R U OK?

This July, I’m joining K’s for R U OK? to stay connected, develop healthy habits and help to create a world where we're connected and protected from suicide.

Each week I'll be consistent in my clocking as I walk, (run, roll or ride) to help start more life-changing conversations. 

By donating to my page you are helping R U OK? provide free, essential resources to schools, workplaces, families, and communities across Australia. Giving them the tools and confidence to spot the signs and to start a conversation that could change the life of someone who's struggling. And you'll be putting a big smile on my face.

Thank you so much.

By inspiring people to take the time to ask “Are you OK?” and listen, we can help people struggling with life to feel connected long before they even think about suicide.

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Friday 7th Jul
Working in an Acute Mental Health Ward; the 'too often tragedy' of suicide really hits home to me. I want to be part of a life shaking team, that starts zero-ing down the stats.! EIGHT people everyday in Australia die by suicide. That is gut wrenching.  I want to be a stat changer !!! Every person should feel connected and protected from suicide.
Most people do consider suicide at some stage of life.
That really should not be normal...
Its  why WE ALL need each other.
I always say to consumers; on the ward  "life may not feel good today, but dont ripp yourself off from the opportunity of change 'cause life is changing all the time, and s.o.m.e.t.i.m.e.s... it is for the better" Just for today, know that there are people who genuinely care.
Im doing RUOK in solidarity.
Ive chosen to walk & ride (horse) 20km's per month, betwèen now and September 14th. I love you, thankyou for supporting RUOK.! Make up your mind to live life well.

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Love you Mum, always thinking of others before yourself. 💙







This is a great cause to be a part of.


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