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My target 100 kms

I’m clocking K’s for R U OK?

This July, I’m making a commitment to run every day and clock my K’s for R U OK?

I want to make my own changes and also stress the importance of how a conversation and support can change lives. 

As a secondary teacher, there are also many students that present mental illnesses. Our youth need a chance to understand that small actions can help to support others. 

This is something close to me. 

I’m taking on the K’s for R U OK? challenge to stay connected, develop good habits, and create a world where we're connected and protected from suicide.

Your support helps R U OK? to provide essential free resources to schools, workplaces, families, and communities across Australia, and empower them to start a conversation that could change the life of someone who's struggling.

Please support my efforts by donating, and together let's get everyone asking R U OK? starting conversations and changing lives!

Any donations are appreciated.

My Updates

Half marathon Saturday

Wednesday 28th Jul
Running a half marathon Saturday after making the target! Keen as. 

All my other updates have been VIA Facebook and insta. 



Wednesday 7th Jul

Hi everyone. 

Just wanted to update everyone on the first week of the challenge. 

This week, I have run 42km. I have been mixing it up with some track sessions, some shorter runs and some longer runs. I am well on track to smash the goal 💪🏻 

I am also over the moon with everyone’s generosity so far. Special mention to: Deb, Sammi and the Hinds family from BNA! And also huge thank you’s to Donella, Nanna Zora, Sammons family, Kathy B, Deano, Dee, Lauren, Joey, Kirk, butzy, Jez and hughsey. 

Most importantly, I want to make special mention to my mum, my friends and especially Laura who have given me extra support and belief. 

If you’re keen to donate. Follow this link: https://ksforruok.ruok.org.au/fundraisers/jackgibson

If I can raise 1300 dollars, I will run a half marathon at the end of the challenge. So please, donate for a good cause. R U OK? Helps to rid the stigma associated with mental health and also promotes the importance of conversations. Whenever and whatever you can donate is awesome! 



Thank you to my Sponsors


Matty Griffin

you can run to the bar and shout next time you are in my pub



Good stuff mate, ziggy would be proud!


Bron And Jason

Great work Jack! Huge effort for a great cause x


Joe Mcgrath

Do the Mahi get the treats. Well done Gobby


Maxine Gibson

Such a great cause. Very proud mamma. ❤️


Brendan Matthews

Onya mate!



Yeah gibbo


Kathy Burdett


Sandra Hughes

I am OK. Great job Jack.


Len Petch


Len Petch


Melanie And Family Monaghan

You are amazing always. Stay strong xx



And that's the half marathon...


Marshall Family ??

Awesome effort Jack!


Jeremy Hirst

100km's to Northies


Ben Hughes

Get em Gibbo!! Your mind is strong to help you complete this! *insert Dom Toretto FAMILY IS STRONGER



Good on ya mate x


Ashleigh Gibson

Proud of you x from Trent and I


Louise & Tim

You’ve got this 💪🏻


Dee Smith

Great work Gibbo :)


Lauren Ognenovski

A great goal for a great cause. Thanks for inspiring me to run 100k in support of you and RUOK?. Running and mental health have a special place in my heart. 💛


Laura Monaghan

You have come so far and every ounce of effort you’ve put in, no matter how difficult, is worth it. I’m so proud of you and will always have your back 💛 Go you you 💪🏻



Great job Jack huge effort!


Small Family

Great cause, awesome work Gibbo.


Deb And Sammi

Glad we can support you in this after all your support this season.


Zorica Petch


Chris Fitzpatrick

Doing the neighbourhood proud Jack.



Loose roo men dominating out here. Cheeehoooo


Brendan Duffy


Teressa Patterson

Well done Jack!



Well done Jack!


Zachary Forostenko

Onya Benny!!


Desmond Tutu

Super efforts! Love your work


Kirk Mahon

Nice work Gibby! Go enjoy some Honey Chook #FC



From Miss Maddie who wanted to support mummy’s work friend Jack and thinks we should all wear yellow bracelets to see if people are ok.


Donella Johnston

Go, Goldie!



The Gulk doing Gulk things, go Gibbo


Meaghann Scott

Congrats on what you have done.


James Leahy

Great run Gob! Huge amount of respect for you raising money for such a good foundation.


Sammons Family

Go Mr G!


Dinga Medved

Get em Gibby! Yew


Hinds House

Great cause Gibbo. Enjoy every step!


Rose Crew

Killing it!


Jenny Missen

Well done, Jack. This cause is close to my heart as well.