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I’m Clocking K’s for R U OK?

This July, I’m joining K’s for R U OK? to stay connected, develop healthy habits and help to create a world where we're connected and protected from suicide.

Each week I'll be consistent in my clocking as I walk, (run, roll or ride) to help start more life-changing conversations. 

By donating to my page you are helping R U OK? provide free, essential resources to schools, workplaces, families, and communities across Australia. Giving them the tools and confidence to spot the signs and to start a conversation that could change the life of someone who's struggling. And you'll be putting a big smile on my face.

Thank you so much.

By inspiring people to take the time to ask “Are you OK?” and listen, we can help people struggling with life to feel connected long before they even think about suicide.

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Completed my Ks goal !!!!!!

Monday 17th Jul
Dear Donors and Supporters, I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to provide you with an update on my ongoing journey for RUOK. While I am thrilled to have reached my 500km goal, I am not stopping there—I am determined to continue riding until I reach my fundraising target of $300. Your unwavering support and generous contributions have already made a significant impact in raising awareness and funds for mental health initiatives. Each donation has brought me closer to my goal and has enabled me to make a difference in the lives of those facing mental health challenges. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your belief in me and your commitment to this cause. Your contributions have shown that you share my passion for promoting mental well-being and ensuring that no one has to face their struggles alone. As I continue to ride and strive towards the $300 goal, I kindly request your ongoing support. Every dollar makes a difference and brings us closer to creating a more compassionate and understanding society, where open conversations about mental health are encouraged and stigma is eradicated. Please consider sharing my fundraising page with your network, friends, and family who may be interested in supporting this cause. Together, we can extend our reach and make an even greater impact. I am truly grateful for your continued support and encouragement. Your belief in the importance of mental health advocacy inspires me to keep pushing forward, knowing that together, we can make a lasting difference. Thank you once again for standing by me and being a part of this incredible journey. Let's ride on towards our $300 goal and continue spreading awareness and support for mental health. With sincere appreciation, Landon

75% of 500kms

Sunday 9th Jul

Advocating for Mental Health: A Personal Journey of Hope and Support

Thursday 1st Jun


Today, I want to share a personal journey that is deeply connected to an organisation close to my heart—the significance of mental health and the impact of suicide on our lives. While it is a challenging topic to discuss, raising awareness and supporting organisations that work tirelessly to prevent suicide is crucial. So, let's explore the importance of mental health advocacy and the power of collective support as if written by you.

Section 1: A Heartfelt Connection

Having experienced the profound loss of loved ones to suicide, I understand its devastating impact on individuals, families, and communities. This personal connection has fueled my passion for supporting organisations that strive to promote mental health awareness, provide resources, and work towards preventing such tragedies.

Section 2: The Role of Organizations

Organisations dedicated to mental health advocacy play a vital role in raising awareness, providing education, and offering support to individuals and families affected by suicide. Through their programs, initiatives, and community outreach, they empower individuals to seek help, challenge stigma, and foster a supportive environment for those struggling with mental health challenges.

Section 3: Breaking the Silence and Stigma

One of the most significant hurdles we face is the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide. By breaking the silence and fostering open conversations, we can create a safe space where people feel comfortable seeking help without judgment. Educating ourselves and others about mental health is crucial in dispelling misconceptions and supporting those in need.

Section 4: Promoting Mental Well-being

Promoting mental well-being involves more than just addressing mental illness; it encompasses nurturing our overall mental health and taking proactive steps to prioritise self-care. Encouraging healthy coping mechanisms, promoting self-compassion, and supporting mental health initiatives are essential in building resilience and fostering a culture of well-being.

Section 5: Advocacy and Support

Advocacy starts with each one of us. Whether participating in awareness campaigns, volunteering, or supporting organisations financially, our collective efforts make a difference. Together, we can amplify voices, raise funds for research and support services, and ensure that mental health remains a priority in society.


As I conclude this reflection, I want to express my gratitude for the organisation that has touched my life and the lives of countless others. Through advocacy, education, and support, we can create a world where mental health is treated equally as physical health. Let's honour the memories of those we have lost, work towards prevention, and provide hope to those struggling.

Remember, you are not alone in this journey. Reach out for support, lend a listening ear, and be the beacon of hope for others. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those affected by suicide and create a more compassionate and understanding world.

Take care, and let's continue to advocate for mental health and support those who need it most.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Landon Germanotta-mills