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Thursday 29th Jun

Throughout July, our family have signed up to walk/run 500kms to support and raise awareness for Mental Health. We will be clocking Ks for R U OK with Team Empower Me in the hope to raise $1000, whilst taking the time to ask the important question “R U Ok?”.

Mental health can impact anyone, and this year we have been challenged in ways we never thought….. but having understanding and supportive people in our corner has been such a blessing. 

Next time someone asks “R U Ok” be honest.  Whether it’s for yourself or as a carer supporting your friends or family - it’s ok to not be ok. Your mental health matters. It doesn’t make you weak, it shows strength and courage. 

Mental health can be a killer, a silent war. We need to start the conversation that could change the life for someone who is struggling. 

As Danica put it “No matter how alone you feel, how unloved you feel you are loved. Your life is valued. You were put on earth for a reason and even tho it seems hopeless sometimes, there will always be light at the end.  If you take one breath at a time, put one foot in front of the other, keep moving forward in even the tiniest ways, you will make it. “

Thank you to my Sponsors


Langford Family

Go Kyle’s, your all amazing ❤️.


The Carters



Tracey Family

We are cheering you on from Victoria. Such an important cause. Thinking of you all and wishing we lived closer xxoxx



Well done guys. This was an incredible effort for an even more incredible cause! X


Mary Heslin

Well done for raising money for such a great cause! Love you all xx


Erin Barber

Beautiful family ❤️




Revesz Family

A great effort for a very important cause. Well done Kyles!


Paul Reid

Great work guys




The Pincher's

Fantastic that you are all doing this, we're out for the holidays would love to walk and talk with you


Stacey R

Great work guys xo


Rosskelly Fowler


Currarong Surf School

Thank you guys! Such incredible work for our community! And thank you to Cliff and Lea, for raising such wonderfully thoughtful, passionate and kind young girls. 🧡