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❗️R U OK?❗️

For the month of July I will be walking for RUOK! This organisation and raising awareness for Suicide prevention is near and dear to my heart. 

On the 30th of March of this year I made the decision to end my life to stop the hurt from my relationship breakdown. I became engulfed with heartache and emotional distress. It felt as though my life was over and I had no purpose left on this earth. I didn't consider the people I'd be leaving behind because the pain had clouded my judgement. Seconds before my attempt I got a call from someone who has been there with me through my highs and my lows. It was her son Flynn who said over the phone "it's going to be okay Uncle Bear" in this moment I realised I had more to live for and that this was just a hurdle that I would over come. I can't thank you enough Krystal Arnott for calling 🙏 something I will never forget. 

Since that day I have decided that there needs to be more advocacy for Mental Health and Mens Mental health. I have lost friends to Mental health, only earlier this year a good friend of mine took his own life because he didn't think anyone was listening to him. I wish I was there for him. 

But what can we do now, well if you are passionate about this as I am, please send me a message and I'll send you a link to jump on board. While I have a lot of roadblocks currently in front of me, nothing is going to stop me from pushing for Mental Health and suicide awareness. 

Please make sure you ask the ones around you the simple question, R U OK?! You just don't know who is going through this and what they are struggling with. Sometimes a simple question like R U OK is enough to start the conversation.

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Great job mate, I lost my sister to suicide, and I have attempted twice.. please know my phone is always on if you ever find yourself in need…


Manbir Rooprai


Chris Daley

Couldn't work it out to join you on this one, sorry. Might do Movember instead. =P Good luck with the new goal. Looks like it might be tough!