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Friday 10th Jun
#KMsforRUOK 💛👊🏾
I think it’s safe to say … we’ve all felt ‘not’ OK at some point or another.  

Unfortunately for many they did not  say, “I’m not OK!”.  I care so much about mental health and honestly,  I feel we still have such a long way to go with removing the stigma associated with it.   

So … I’m doing Ks for RUOK again in an effort to keep the conversations going around mental health.   I’ve personally battled post natal anxiety and depression and I’m not ashamed to share that.  I also love and care for many who have experienced mental health ‘scares’ and /or crisis’s’ and have since learnt how to deal with their diagnosis’s.  

Please consider donating.. RUOK provide such practical tips and advice about how that one conversation can change a life.  I know that first hand 💛

My significant personal goal within this challenge is to complete a  21km run / jog / crawl … in June!! That’s how much I care about this 👊🏾

Please consider donating! I understand that you can’t take a ‘day off’ depression and anxiety .. so that is why I need to give 21kms a go.  When I want to quit …I will tell myself it’s not an option… you can’t just quit your diagnosis and how you are feeling. I will need to just keep going (one step in front of the other)! 💛👊🏾

Thank you for your support (in advance). 
Sharls  💛

Thank you to my Sponsors


Dianne Sivalops

You’ve got this ❤️


Fuzz Nicole

Love your work Sharls & I know you’ll smash it ; )


Charmaine And Grath Taylor

Go Chowders...I don't know if this fits in with your festivus month...but Go Chowders!!!


Ceri Miller

Go Sharlene go...! x


Lynne Weir

I’m very passionate about Mental health Well done to helping raise awareness and funding for this much needed cause. Congratulations on a job well done 👏👏


Kate Fraser

You're an inspiration! Well done!


Robert Wells

Well done Sharlene! Such a fantastic cause :)


Sam And Paul Holtham

Go Sharls. Great cause.


Danielle Halliwell


Sharlene Samuel-may



Such a huge effort to raise awareness for a great cause!! 💛


Pippa Harrison

Such an inspiration Sharls ! Super proud! 🥰🙌


Sarah Brown



Lynda Burch

Awesome work Sharlene


Candice Baker

You are a super woman!!


Laura Hughes



Suze Oh

All the best - I’m sure you’ll smash 21km out of the park!


Belinda Wolpert

Way to go!!


Priscilla Paikos

Well done Sharls!


Sarah Campbell

Like I always say, run like the wind! Or shuffle like an octopus on land...whatever works 😁


Sandi Femia

You are an amazing woman ❤️ You've got this!