Wood Mackenzie's K's for R U OK?

We're Clocking K’s for R U OK?

This July, we're making a commitment to move every day and clock our K’s for R U OK?

It's a fitness challenge where you choose the distance (km) to tackle each day and you complete your K’s either by running, jogging, walking, wheeling, pushing, or swimming. There are 31 days in July and every K you clock helps us closer to the goal. The key is consistency.

We're taking on the K’s for R U OK? challenge to develop healthy habits, work together towards the same goal, and create a world where we're all connected and protected from suicide.

Here's how you can participate in the challenge:

1. If you would like to contribute to WoodMac's 1000km target, please create an account, set your K's, and join the WoodMac Team. When we meet the target, WoodMac will donate US$1000 to R U OK. You can also make a personal donation from your account.

2. In addition to the above, you can also fundraise if that's your thing. To do so, simply set a fundraising goal for yourself and promote it within your social circles.

3. If you would like to donate without participating in the K's, click on the Donate button on this page.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Bernice or Rebecca

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Hope this goes a long way to helping this cause. Go mom!! ❤️



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Really great initiative!